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What style of Wedding Videos do you provide?

We offer what is known as Short-Form Wedding Videography. Our Short Form Wedding Videos are captured much like a Hollywood produced film. Throughout the day we capture many “clips” or video segments of your wedding in short “clips” that are later put together to create the story of your day. These clips are sometimes captured and placed into your video production in random order and may not make sense if watched individually. But, after being edited, together, each clip or segment helps to complete the story of your wedding day, without all the mundane, distracting or less exciting moments throughout your day. Just like the big Hollywood movies do, we may shoot a lot of footage, but the final film will not include everything that we originally captured.  We will choose the best scenes and the best looking footage to create our subjective interpretation of your day to produce a professionally edited wedding film. Your total wedding film length will be approximately 45 minutes or less, depending on the actual length of your ceremony and other milestone events.  You can view “Sample Videos”, which are very short samples of the type of wedding videos we provide by clicking the VIDEOS tab on this website.  Your final edited video production will be longer than the samples you can view on this website.

Do you offer Traditional Videography?

At this time, we do not offer, nor do we plan to offer traditional (old school) videography.  We refer to traditional videography as in just having a person following you all day, with a video camera who records everything that happened that day. Then providing you with an extremely long, mostly boring 8 hour long video filled with everything that happened that day (good or bad).  Most people don’t want to see that style of videography anymore.  We find that all of our clients love our modern approach to wedding videos because we still are able to capture all the important moments throughout the day, remove the boring stuff and keep the videos shorter, easier to watch and more like a movie.

How many videographers will I have at my wedding?

Most all of our Wedding Video packages include 2 videographers and a Light/Audio technician.  The Light/Audio tech is not another videographer.  They are there to setup the professional audio equipment and video lights needed to capture your wedding.   The major advantage to having two cameras to capture your day is we will be able to get multiple angles, coverage of the groom and groomsmen (if needed), as well as greater coverage overall.  We use additional video lights that we will need to  setup and use at your reception location in order to create the best looking video possible, especially in venues that have low lighting, which can be challenging when filming.  We also use professional audio equipment to capture the cleanest/purest sound, which will result in a great sounding wedding video overall.  We believe that together, these 3 professionals and our chosen setup will provide you with the very best results for your wedding video.

Can you add my favorite songs from the day to my video?

When we are filming “live” we would be able to use any audio that is present, be it a song or otherwise, as long as the quality of the song sounds good, but this usually doesn’t sound great due to background noises.  During parts of your wedding film, we will use Royalty-Free music ( we pay the artists once for the right to use their songs in your video) and replace or accompany the live audio to make your wedding film sound better.  We cannot use most popular songs heard on the radio stations, unless the artist grants a Royalty Free license for use.  Nevertheless, we find songs that are beautiful and fit the story of your day and use those songs in your video.

When will I get my video?

Due to the large number of files and footage captured during your wedding day and the extensive editing process, it can take between 6 – 12 weeks for your wedding video to be completed. (Closer to 12 weeks during peak wedding season.)

How will I get my video?

We provide your wedding video via Digital Delivery (Download), or in DVD format, which is the most popular format today.  We are also able to provide you with your wedding video on Blu-ray disc (for an additional cost), if you request it prior the start of creating your video.  Otherwise, your wedding video will be provided to you on DVD disc.  You may also receive your video as a downloadable (Quicktime) file that you can load onto your computer, or other mobile devices.

Can I get the Raw Video Footage?

At this time we do not offer, nor do we plan to offer the raw video footage from our weddings for the reasons explained in the paragraphs before…and because we believe in protecting the innocent.  Lots of times people at a wedding tend to forget that a video recorder also has audio and they may say something either to us, or within our microphone’s reach, that they would not want anyone else to hear. (It happens more often than you may think!) LOL.  For this and other reasons, we do not offer the raw video footage from our weddings. To reiterate, there is no option for you to see everything that was captured that day.  There is also no Gag Reel or Bloopers from your wedding day.  In the movies, Bloopers and Gag Reels are purposely recorded, although they try to make it seem like they were not…to be added to the DVD release as Extra Content.  We create a truly professional, fun, beautiful and romantic story with your wedding video, without the need to add Extra Content.  We feel you’re going to LOVE our Modern approach to wedding videos!

Do you require a meal break? If yes, do you require that the wedding couple provide your meal?

Yes we do require a meal break.  Although we do not require you to provide us with a meal, we would greatly appreciate it if you did.  If you do not plan to provide us with a meal, we just need to know this prior to your wedding day, so we can plan accordingly and bring our own food.  Our team works incredibly hard throughout your wedding day.  We can get pretty hungry during an 8 – 10 hour day of shooting.  You wouldn’t want to work all day long without eating would you??  So, all we ask is that you let us know whether you plan to provide each of us with a meal, or not.

How many breaks do you usually take throughout the day?

We may rest briefly at times during the day if there is downtime, or during dinner time, but otherwise, we are working throughout the day or evening.


In addition to Wedding Videos, we also offer professional video services for:

-Aerial Video (UAV)

-Construction Videos

-Business Promo Videos

-Biography Videos

-Keynote Speaker Conference

-Training Videos

-Company Outings

-Milestone Events

-New Product Launch

-Golf Event Videos

-Personal Video Profiles

-Singles/Dating Site Video Bio

-Personal Video Messages

-Product Showcase Videos

-Real Estate Video Tours

-Upcoming Artist Videos

-Birth Announcement Videos

-Birthday Parties


-Class Reunions

-Holiday Parties

-Family Legacy Videos

-Family Reunion Videos

and more…